DPF solutions DPF diagnostics DPF cleaning DPF regeneration DPF repairs DPF replacement DPF bypass and deletion DPF removal (track day vehicles) Remapwm are the UK’s leading experts to the ever growing concern of the DPF problems on modern Diesel engine cars. We are specialists with over 15 years hands on industry experience having successfully diagnosed and repaired over thousands of vehicles with DPF related issues. We have been researching and developing long lasting solutions to the troublesome DPF problem since the system was first introduced in 2003. Our technicians are fully trained and experienced in diagnosing and repairing DPF related issues. We offer a wide range of options based on our experience and the specific symptoms of your vehicle. The DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) was designed to reduce the ash/soot in our exhaust gasses and it does this well in theory, however, in practice it’s proved to be a very costly upgrade to the existing exhaust systems. Remapwm can guarantee a lifetime warranty on many of our DPF solutions Correct diagnosis of the DPF system Identifying the correct fault or failure Mechanical and electrical testing of all DPF components Check Ash/Soot accumulation content Check exhaust gases and emissions Carry out the relevant solution Roadtest Benefits of using Remapwm Expert diagnosis No costly dealer replacement prices Same day turnaround ( In most cases ) Complete report and analysis Reset of dashboard lights No more limp mode No more engine management and coil lights flashing

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Advanced DPF Deep Clean

If your DPF warning light has made an appearance then you need to get in touch. At The DPF Clinic we offer an advanced deep cleaning service that’s designed for the longevity of efficiency. Removing both soot and ash we measure efficiency before and after the clean so you can physically see results.